About Us

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Cynthia Dokas Whipple and Mary Ambrogio Cashman met at Trinity College and then reconnected again after law school when they worked in the same law firm. Although they wrote constantly as lawyers, they never wrote anything half as fun as Merrilee Mannerly. This collaboration was inspired by their own children, and their own desires to find fun ways to teach children good manners.

Cynthia lives in Avon, Connecticut with her husband, two sons and daughter. Mary lives in the same Connecticut town with her husband and daughter. They spend their free time assuring people that, no, they're not sisters.

Meredith Johnson

Meredith Johnson has been doing fun kid stuff for almost thirty years, like creating Saturday morning Barbie® commercials as an advertising art director, while somehow managing to illustrate over 200 children's books. She and her husband live in Pasadena, California with two pushy Australian Shepherds and an angry cat, and everybody misses the two grown-up kids, Casey and Matt.